About NOTA


Our Approach

​Voters need tools to better control how we nominate local candidates, formulate major party policies and elect people to represent us who will have to keep their promises or be held accountable, long before the next election.

The NOTA Party campaigns for the 3Rs of Direct Democracy – Referendum, Recall and Real electoral and legislative Reforms that give voters control of politicians and parties. Candidates are accountable to their constituents and there are no central party policies or controls of elected MPPs beyond the binding Direct Democracy principles.

Our Story

“There is another option for people who want a choice other than to vote for any of the big party candidates or to give up their right to cast a secret ballot by having to publicly decline their ballots, a choice that makes their vote count for real change.”

None of the Above is part of a worldwide movement of new and independent parties and candidates campaigning for direct democracy and voter empowerment policies supported by voters and non-voters alike.

In the recent French Presidential runoff election the combination of declined, spoiled and abstained ballots finished second overall with one in three votes, and over 40 percent of voters supporting an official option to decline on the ballot itself.




“The major parties have rigged the rules for $millions in campaign and vote subsidies in their favour, but if just two percent of people in the 2018 election voted for NOTA Party candidates, we would qualify for some basic subsidies that would allow us to grow and bring about the positive change we need.” -  Greg Vezina - NOTA Party Leader





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